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Agronomy Hub

The TruHorizons Agronomy Hub in Milford, Indiana, offers crop nutrients, crop protection products, seed and traits, crop scouting, precision agriculture, application services and more.

Our operations team at the hub utilizes a fully automated system to ensure accuracy, safety and efficiency in every load. Product load-out times average 17 minutes for liquid fertilizer, 7 minutes for dry fertilizer and 15 minutes for anhydrous ammonia. Blending occurs through a computerized system on our lot – not in your field.

The liquid building has three automated load-out bays and is equipped with a 24/7 self-serve loading bay for specific nutrient products, while the dry nutrient building contains two automated load-out bays that can precisely combine and load 11 different products. The hub also has capacity to load 16 anhydrous ammonia tanks simultaneously.

The hub’s on-site access to both the CSX and NS railway allows our team to efficiently move  product so it’s ready for growers and applicators when they need it. With ample storage capacity, key logistics, efficiency and accuracy, the TruHorizons hub and team can provide the products and services your crop needs.

TruHorizons Agronomy Hub, Milford, IN

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