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Progressive Crop Technology

PCT LogoProgressive Crop Technology (PCT) provides precise blends of on-seed starters, foliars and finisher fertilizers that enhance nutrient availability, create a healthier root zone and boost a plant’s defense system. PCT is a brand of Trupointe Cooperative, one of the parent companies of TruHorizons.

PCT micronutrient products are created in-house at Trupointe’s Kettlersville, Ohio, lab and tested regionally to ensure products work with the soils of Indiana and Ohio. TruHorizons’ Milford location has eight tanks dedicated to PCT liquid fertilizers micronutrients to help ensure the entire PCT product line is readily available for you, when you need it.

For more information on PCT micronutrients, talk to your TruHorizons agronomy representative and go online to the PCT Pathway to a Better Yield,