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Market Grain on Your Terms

TruHorizons offers a wide variety of Cargill grain contracts for any grain operation. From premium contracts to the popular ProPricing contracts, there is a Cargill grain contract to fit your desired level of opportunity and control.

Your TruHorizons Farm Marketer can help you manage your risk and find the right mix of contracts to best help you prosper:


Forward marketing contracts that put you in control

Pacer Family

Average-based contracts to help you keep pace with the market

Premium Family

Receive a premium price for making a firm offer

Working Bushels Family

Use unsold bushels to solve a business or family need

Market Family

Dynamic contracts for those who like a hands-on approach

Additional Contracts

Other contracts that expand your forward marketing options

Cash Grain Sales

A fast, simple way to sell your grain

Purchase Contract terms apply. This is provided to you for information purposes only, does not constitute an offer, and is not intended to be a part of any contract that may be entered into. Please consult the Purchase Contract for the terms and conditions that will govern the sale and purchase of grain.

Information provided is general in nature and is provided without guarantee as to results. The information is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, trading, financial, legal, or tax advice. No warranty is made with regard to the information or results obtained by its use. Cargill, Incorporated, its subsidiaries, and affiliates disclaim any liability arising out of your use of, or reliance on, the information.