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Firm Offer

Volatile as the markets are, that price you’d like to get is not out of the question. Put yourself in a position to profit if they get there with a Firm Offer. A Firm Offer from Cargill is a great choice for any grain marketing plan. It’s simple, free, can be modified or canceled at any time, and fills automatically – even during overnight trading. You can choose cash, futures- or basis-only. If the price hits, you’ve got a guaranteed sale – and incremental profits. If it doesn’t, you’re under no obligation.

A Firm Offer is a great way to add some discipline to your pricing and free you up from market-watching. Don’t miss out on solid sales because you hesitate during a price rally that may only last a few hours (and sometimes overnight). Instead of following the market, let the market come to you. Set your price with a Firm Offer.