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Dynamic Protection

With markets in flux, locking in a guaranteed floor price can provide needed confidence in your marketing plan. Cargill Minimum Price allows you to select a floor price of your choosing, maintain upside and retain the control to price out at anytime. There are a wide variety of additional strategies and combinations that can be utilized as part of a Minimum Price contract depending on your market outlook.

When is it used?

Minimum Price is a complement to any grain marketing plan at any time of year. It provides a floor price to insulate you from a volatile world – while maintaining upside participation.

What are the advantages of the Minimum Price contract?

  • Investments are deducted from the contract price, not paid up front

  • Trade at any time of the day regardless of the market being open or closed

  • Write the contract for any quantity

  • You establish the floor of your choice

  • You establish the pricing period of your choice

  • There are a variety of available strategies using put or call premiums in combination

Additional Features:

  • You can convert a variety of contracts to Minimum Price contracts

  • You do not own an option, it is being used as a re-pricing mechanism

Download: Minimum Price