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Sell the High

Cargill Pacer Plus is a unique marketing tool that allows you to sell the daily high price. Selling the high of each day during a selected averaging period makes Pacer Plus a dynamic component of a diversified marketing plan. The Pacer Plus contract allows you to select the averaging period you desire and gives you the control to price out at anytime.

When is it used?

The market average should be the first consideration when marketing grain. Pacer Plus goes beyond the average by capturing the daily highs during a period you choose in a cost-effective manner. New crop or old, grain in the bin or in the field – the choice is yours.

What are the advantages of the Pacer Plus contract?

  • You get an average of the daily high futures level

  • You establish the averaging period that you desire

  • Minimal investment period

  • Ability to price out at any time

  • Establishes a disciplined marketing plan

  • Removes stress, frustration and risk from marketing plan

Additional Features

  • Flexibility to establish your basis any time prior to delivery

  • Detailed averaging report available upon request

Download: Pacer Plus