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Relax this winter

Let Cargill’s Spring Price Plus contract take away the stress of trying to sell grain at an attractive price in relation to your spring price for crop insurance. Typically the spring price is the February average, but it can vary based on location and commodity.

This innovative contract guarantees a price for your bushels higher than the spring price every time. Spring Price Plus helps you establish a disciplined grain marketing plan by locking in bushels above the spring price in exchange for a conditional firm offer for an additional set of bushels.

When is it used?

Many producers aspire to sell their grain above the crop insurance spring price. This may help you achieve higher revenues in conjunction with your crop insurance guarantee if a disaster strikes.

What are the advantages of the Spring Price Plus contract?

  • Establishes a disciplined marketing plan

  • Guarantees a sale above the crop insurance spring price

  • Detailed averaging report available upon request

  • Ability to price out the first set of bushels before the end of the spring price averaging period

  • Zero or minimal investment required

  • You have no obligation to deliver the firm offer bushels if futures close below the Target Futures Price of Firm Offer on the pricing date

Download: Spring Price Plus