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With so much volatility and so many global factors affecting market prices, what should you expect moving forward? More importantly, what information will you rely on to take action? What you really need to navigate in today’s market environment is perspective.

That’s the advantage of putting the Cargill MarketPros to work for you with ProPricing grain contracts. Because while you’re hard at work, so are the 142,000 people in 65 countries who help inform how the MarketPros make marketing decisions. So instead of stressing over market information and trying to interpret it yourself, let the experts do it for you.

With ProPricing, you can market your grain up to two years out. You also benefit from some built-in features that offer downside price protection and the ability to price out anytime during your pricing period to capture any market rally.

Learn more: ProPricing MarketPros

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