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Start Saving Now

The price of a four-year education has doubled in the last decade, and many of our customers struggle to meet the rising demands. As part of our ongoing mission to help farmers prosper, Cargill is proud to offer Harvest Scholars, a unique program that allows you to put unsold bushels to work for you.

Harvest Scholars is a great way for you to earn and save money – tax free – to help pay tuition expenses for your children, your grandchildren or yourself. When you commit grain to Cargill, Harvest Scholars commits to your family's education.

Harvest Scholars does this by helping you fund a College Savings Iowa 529 plan. This plan can be used for educational institutions in any state and it is the only plan managed by Vanguard – the same people who manage Cargill's 401(k) plan.

With Harvest Scholars, you have the flexibility to place part or all of your targeted funding into a 529 plan at any time during the year whether you're harvesting grain or not. It's the perfect way to keep higher education in reach for those you love.

Download: Harvest Scholars