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Maximize Your Farm's Earning Potential

Through On-Farm Storage, Cargill offers you the chance to obtain a GSI grain storage system at a significantly reduced cost by simply selling some of your production to Cargill. You gain peace of mind with more on-farm storage and a head start on your annual grain marketing plans.

Owning a quality grain bin offers several advantages that can boost your farm's earning potential:

  • Flexibility on delivery times

  • Relief from harvest delivery pressure

  • Capture post-harvest market prices

  • Store grain for specific buyers

As an On-Farm Storage customer, you choose the bin diameter, bushel capacity and GSI Bin Series that meet your needs. Your bin includes inside and outside ladders and a full aeration floor and floor supports. You will need to work with your local GSI dealer to add other features, such as aeration fans, sweeps, roof augers and more. These added features are at an additional cost to you. You can learn more about GSI systems and your bin addition options at

Put your un-sold bushels to work with Cargill On-Farm Storage. Get the grain bin you need to gain relief from harvest delivery pressure and take advantage of post-harvest market prices.

Download: On-Farm Storage