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Somerset Livestock Auction

May 27, 2017
SV_LS146 Frankfort, KY Sat May 27, 2017 USDA-KY Dept of Ag Market News Lake Cumberland Livestock, Somerset, KY Weighted Average Report for Saturday May 27, 2017 Cattle Receipts: 630 Last week: 791 Last year: 413 Compared last week: Feeders steers and heifers...

Weekly Livestock Review

May 27, 2017
AG_LS 145 Salt Lake City, UT May 26, 2017 USDA-Ut Dept of Ag Market News Utah Direct Cattle Report Weekly Summary Slaughter cattle: 2,100. Compared to last week, Slaughter Steers and Heifers: 50-1.00 lower live and 1.00-2.00 lower on a dressed basis. ...

Smithfield Livestock Auction

May 27, 2017
AG LS 143 Salt Lake City, Utah May 25, 2017 USDA/ UT Dept of Ag Market News "R" Livestock Connection Monroe, Utah Wednesday May 24, 2017. Receipts: 425. Last Week: 405. Feeder Steers: mostly steady. Feeder Heifers: mostly steady. Holstein ...

Utah Weekly Hay Summary

May 27, 2017
AG GR 310 Salt Lake City, Utah Friday. May 26, 2017 USDA�UT Dept of Ag Market News. Weekly Utah Hay Market Report Utah Hay prices prices starting to get stronger, with trading slow on all Quality's. Majority of movement on previous contracts. Lower ...

Utah Daily Grain Report

May 26, 2017
AG GR 110 Salt Lake City, May 26, 2017 USDA - Ut Dept of Ag Market News Prices in dollars per bushel or dollars per hundredweight All prices are indications not bids #1 Hard Red Winter Wheat 10 pct protein 3.44 Bu ...